Hot chub with hot cock!

Hot chub with hot cock!

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Luckily circumcision is mainly done only in Eastern countries and the USA but besides that the entire world doesn't do that. Thank god, it's a terrible thing. I don't know why Americans think it's normal

I agree.  The historical reasons for Americans are terrible.  John Harvey Kellogg (the guy who did Kellogg cereal) felt masturbation is extremely wrong.  He advocated to do routine circumcision to boys because it would cause them to masturbate less.  That is it.  After implemented, many added on beliefs, like it being done for hygiene purposes, all to keep the procedure going.  I am so glad that I am an American male who did not get cut.  I wish many others would understand the damages being done to those who are circumcised.  

It is time that we spread the word about how damaging circumcision in to infant boys.  Please check out this amazing documentary that is trying to be funded, and donate at least a $1.00 towards the film being made.  

Visit to make a pledge today!

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